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Poor website design means prospects don't find you
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If you aren't online then you are invisible.


Imagine your company website ranking high on Google.

Your website is found in the top three search results. People call you because they see you and see you have good reviews. Once you make contact with them they stop searching for other companies.

Having a website and a social presence that prospects easily find makes your business successful and makes you the envy of your friends and family.

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You need a professional website designer who is not just going to build you a website, but one who will also ensure that the design of your website is optimized fully.

A designer who understands messaging and content and how to put all those components into the right places on your site is necessary to gain the most from your website. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to optimize your website to get the most leads possible. You’re busy running your business!

Designing, building, and optimizing a website takes time and finesse. Let Squirrel Marketing & Graphix do the hard website design work for you.

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Build YOUR brand’s image. Differentiate YOUR brand. Engage with YOUR audience

SEO Services

Get YOUR Website noticed. Increase YOUR traffic. Impact YOUR Sales.

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Maximize YOUR online visibility. Increase YOUR leads. Enhance YOUR brand authority


Content that gets YOU noticed. Communicate YOUR “Big Idea”. Tell YOUR story.

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Instill trust from YOUR viewers. Impact YOUR Sales. Tell YOUR story

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