The Business Makeover Challenge 5 Days To Revamp Your Biz

Discover your MISSION, define your BRAND, and create a powerful CULTURE

Day 5 - Bringing It All Together...

Yesterday we looked at culture, the fourth area of clarity needed for business owners. Today we’ll finish with a focus on bringing together perspective, mission, branding, and culture. We’re going to see how all the elements work together to enable you to build a significant business.


You’ve set aside the time to participate in this 5-day challenge because you recognize a need for a fresh perspective on where you’ve been and where you want to go with your business. A fresh perspective will re-energize your business for success.

Your original vision may not have changed at all, or it may have evolved as your business focus sharpened and the business grew.

Each step of the way, a clear mission statement keeps you on track for where you’ll be in five years, ten years, or even longer.

With a clearly defined mission, a purpose is evident to you and your employees in all that you’re undertaking daily. Each one understands and collaborates on what to provide for customers, how they’ll impact the community, and even what your business can do to “contribute good” to the world.

The uniqueness of your business sets you apart and causes customers to choose your products or services over others. That’s your brand. It makes you distinct from competitors, and long-term customer loyalty is the gratifying reward.

But it’s not only customer loyalty that you need to be successful. The work culture must be healthy too, to cultivate staff loyalty and strong identification to the overall mission of the business. Satisfied employees will have your back even during challenging seasons!


By now you’ve clearly defined both a mission statement and a brand statement. How will these two be communicated to all business participants?

How can these be strategically reviewed on a regular basis?

Many successful businesses have signs made or the mission statement stenciled onto the wall inside the front entrance.

Ensure that the mission statement is added to social media and to your website. 

Schedule a yearly or twice-yearly enjoyable event with everyone to emphasize mission. Plan ahead and ask for stories, successes, and lessons learned.

Make it festive. Sincerely thank everyone for their contributions and be specific. Look forward with anticipation to the season ahead.

Congratulations on completing the 5-day Business Makeover challenge! It’s our hope that you’ll experience a rewarding phase of new insights and even greater success!

When You're Done...

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