Hey Siri...

How do I get my business listed on Apple Maps?
get your business listed on apple maps

Apple maps gets your business found online. 

Almost 50 million people use Siri to find businesses every month.

76.4% of the smartphone market consists of iPhone users.

Also, 46% of voice search users look for local a business daily.

When someone asks Siri to list a business, you need to be on that list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More and more people use voice search on mobile and vehicle devices. Sadly, if your business isn’t listed then you lose out on valuable opportunities. In addition to getting found online, people view operating hours, reviews, and other important information about your business on your listing. Obviously, getting a listing is a no brainer. 

Voice search assistance changes the way that businesses are found online. More and more searches start with  a voice search. Apple maps users come in at some 23 million! And more than 3/4 of smart phone users utilize apple maps regularly. In fact, every time someone says, “Hey Siri, find an ice cream shop” or “…I need a plumber” or “…what restaurants are near by” you could miss out on business. Getting your business listed increases your visibility and gets you found online more readily. 

We know the ins and outs of making sure your listing gets optimized fully. This gets you the most out of your listing. We take the guess work out of the process for you. That way you spend your valuable time working your business. 

Google remains the number one search engine for places and businesses. However, maps is gaining. iPhone users make up 113 million strong in the US. Plus, CarPlay, found in millions of vehicles; all powered by Apple.