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Hi, I’m Alethea with Squirrel Marketing & Graphix. I want to share with you my Contractor’s Comprehensive Lead Generation System. And I want to give it to you for FREE because I’m passionate about helping small businesses, like yours, succeed. I want to help you get more customers and have better visibility online. 

I know that it’s a competitive market out there for contractors. My dad was a general contractor. I remember well the ‘feast or famine’ cycle he would go through. I’d like to help you prevent that cycle by creating a steady flow of warm, qualified and exclusive leads for you. 

I have used this Comprehensive Lead Generation System successfully many times. I help one client go from a weekly average of $150 to $2,500 in about 3 months. I know it works. 

When you fill out the form the system will be sent to your email. When you open it you might say to yourself, “Wow, that’s a lot!” And you might feel overwhelmed. 

Yes it is! I call it comprehensive for a reason. So if that’s you just give me a call and I can help you walk through it. 



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